Increase Niche Growth, Sales & Conversions with a Fully Planed PPC Campaign

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a very good strategy to use if you are looking for urgent visibility and traffic for your website, it allows you to bypass organic results and bid your way forward to rank number #1 in search engine results pages.

This platforms including Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), Microsoft (Bing) Ads, YouTube, and Gmail, a well-planned PPC campaign as part of your niche marketing strategy can provide you a significant return on investment, driving relevant traffic to your website which is more likely to result to high conversions and increase your revenue.

Whether you are new to PPC and want to get the edge over your competitors, or you are currently not satisfy or sure of what value you are receiving from your existing campaign, we are here to help you.

Here's What To Expect From our Pay Per Click Services

Our PPC management and planning service is more than simply maintaining Google Ads campaigns for our clients, we also utilise a wide range of advertising networks to create profitable campaigns that gives your an edge and create your niche visibility at every touchpoint of a customer’s journey to take a purchase actions.

As the name implies, PPC platforms such as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and Facebook Advertising means that in most cases, you are only charged by the platform when a your prospect or potential customer clicks on your ad placement. The cost per click will vary on the competitiveness of the product or service you are offering. Here, we work with your average order value and conversion rate to recommend monthly budgets based on business goals and performance.

Following the amount of resources freely available online, this reality has shown that it is becoming more and more common for online business owners to show an interest in managing their own PPC campaigns. If you are interested in managing your own PPC campaigns, we would strongly recommend you enroll in our PPC training presented under advance Google ads strategy to ensure you understand the fundamentals and prevent wasting budget, to get more result PPC requires more detail approach. But something some people think that it can easily be done without the right knowledge.

Many people often asked if they should invest in PPC or whether SEO is better, the simple truth is that they shouldn’t be treated as mutually exclusive. Whilst PPC gives immediate visibility and deliverables for potentially competitive keywords, SEO is a longer term strategy that will give you superior ROI and reduces reliance on a paid medium, Seo usually take up to 2 to 60 go you a magic result and this why it seen as a long time investment…

Our results are measured based on what actions we consider as the most valuable to you, be that contact form completions, sales, repeat customers, brochure requests, sign ups or phone calls. These are exactly what forms our decisions before mearuring results.

If you’ve had a goal at managing your own PPC campaign or are using an agency but really aren’t sure what you are getting for your money, we can help to make sense of it all.

In our PPC review, our in house Google certified account managers will do a lot of work and that will include to audit your account, some of the areas we look at majorlly include:

Keywords being targeted, Keyword match types being used
in your ad content and your competitor ad content, Quality scores and ad relevancy, Negative keywords relevance of targeting being used for Ad performance (CTR, CPC, conversions, top impression rate etc)Performance of traffic when landing on the website

Following this, you will be given a detailed report based our findings. We can then help improve your campaign performance if required, either through taking on the management of your PPC campaign or providing you with tailored Google Ads training so you can equipped your in house team.

Our Pay Per Click Planning Process

Stage 1 – Strategy

Following an initial fact-finding meeting with one of our account managers, we develop a strategy based on your niche marketing objectives.

Stage 2 – Implement

We set up your PPC account in line with your marketing objectives and best practice, considering keyword research, structure, targeting, ad creatives and more.

Stage 3 – Optimize

Ongoing management of your account ensures that your account is constantly improved based on what is working, with a series of weekly, bi-weekly and monthly campaign checks.

Stage 4 – Report

In every month that comes by, we provide you with a clear and simple report which highlights results based on what matters to your business.

Benefits Of Choosing Us For Your Pay Per Click Services

  • Unlike other dedicated PPC suppliers around, we offer a full suite of niche  marketing services, enabling us to develop integrated strategies that incorporate PPC as well as other marketing channels.
  • All of our account managers are Google certified with years of experiencing managing PPC campaigns.
  • We don’t take a one size fits all approach to PPC and take the time to really understand your business.
  • We don’t tie you into lengthy contracts, we just ask that you commit to an initial 3 month period followed by a 30 day rolling contract.
  • We provide detailed monthly reports to all clients, with regular communication from your account manager to dip into  the campaign based on results.
  • Our transparent pricing structure means you can understand exactly how much of your budget is going on advertising.

Give Your Niche Marketing a Boost with Pay Per Click