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What Are Solo Ads?

Solo ads are a marketing strategy wherein advertisements are sent directly to an email list. This also can be called as “list jacking”. 

This is much easier to do and you will still almost result like Facebook ads and Google PPC. 

Solo ads are a fantastic strategy when it comes to online marketing because you don’t need to create a fuss and work too much on target audiences. This will let you focus more on different sides of your business. 

Why solo ads are the fastest way to build your email list?

It is a fact that if you want to make your product known to millions of people you need to get it out there and spend a lot of money by just doing that. Ranking number one on search engines isn’t enough and you have to think of other ways to market your products and services.

Other marketing campaigns are becoming a thing from the past such as brochures, posters, and billboards as everything is being digitized. Though no obsolete, these things are being digitized and converging itself towards online marketing.

Social media is a big field when it comes to marketing and that is why these social giants they formulated Facebook ads, Google AdWords, banner ads and a lot more to cater to make businesses. 

Aside from social media where you can advertise. Solo ads are also a way to go when it comes to marketing.

How do I get started using Solo Ads?

When it comes to solo ads. I’m sure you have a lot of questions. You might think where would I get a big list to send my solo ads? Do I need to build it up myself? You don’t need to worry about all of these. 

Solo ads are great for internet marketers as you don’t need your big list of email addresses. You just need to rent someone else’s big list.

What you need to do is pay a well-established expert of the niche product of your choice to put your brand or product upfront to their emails to be presented for their audiences. It is just like you are an advertiser paying for an endorsement to market your products to popular avenues such as television or Youtube. 

Who can maximize the benefits of solo ads?

Everyone who owns online business niche can use solo ads but since businesses are all unique, it might not work for every business. 

These are some of the businesses that solo ads can help with. It best works for:

Low Budget Marketers

If you are just starting in your business and wanted to create your brand and be known for it, it is good to invest in solo ads. Firstly, it is not that expensive compared to other marketing strategies out there and lastly, it is an effective way for your business to be well known.

Competitive Niches

Let’s be real, it is a competitive market out there and the niche of your choice isn’t spared from it. There is strong competition in brands that sell similar services and products. You need a strong marketing strategy to infiltrate these competitions and it ain’t easy. Some businesses opt for search engine traffic and per click. This might take you months to build and generating content so it’s better to use solo ads as you can directly give them information about your products instead of waiting for you to rank.

New Products

As for the new business that I discussed earlier, this is similar since it is about launching a new product. For a product to be well known you also need a lot of marketing to be able to sell it. 

Solo ads will work best with new products or products that are about to be launched. This is the best way to quickly spread the word as one email gets your product out there and be able to get a lot of possible customers. 

How do I start with Solo Ads?

If you tick all of the boxes in my previous paragraph, then for sure solo ads are the right one for you. The next thing to do is to create a highly effective one, so let me tell you tips on how to make killer solo ads. 

Tip 1: Use a catchy subject line

Tip 2: Use sales basics

Tip 3: Use appropriate voice and style

You don’t need your email software when it comes to solo ads as it will be handled by solo ads platform. There are a lot of platforms that cater to this kind of niche that will be able to help you. You just need an email copy ready and your links as well. It is very simple to start with solo ads.

Solo ads aren’t that expensive, so if you are ready to spend a bit for using it then you are ready to find the right email list that you will rent. There are a lot of influencers that could be perfect for your niche and offer them the idea directly.

Where do I buy Solo Ads?

There are platforms like Udimi that offers easy to use and genuine to their clients when it comes to solo ad purchases.

What is Udimi?

Udimi is a marketplace that has a community of internet marketers that gets together to pursue the same goal. That goal is to make traffic for their sites and find sellers that could provide legitimate targeted site visitors. You will be able to hire people that can send out emails to the list and can redirect the emails to the landing page or site. They are called solo ad sellers.

The user has the option to choose which seller he wants, the price and the number of clicks he wants each day. Being part of the platform is free but you need to pay or deposit money to Udimi to pay the seller that you are going to hire for its services. 

This site is free and signing up doesn’t require any prior commitment. You just need a legitimate email address and your name and your account will be ready. After signing up you will get access to Udimi’s marketplace and you can find and browse the best sellers of solo ads that you’ll need for your business.

Now, that it is clear what Udimi is all about to let me discuss more of it in my Udimi Review.

What makes Udimi unique from other ad sellers?

Udimi is effective because it delivers solo ads that you purchased from them. If you think that the seller isn’t delivering as what you expected you have the option to dispute the purchase from the seller. 

It is easy to join this platform as a buyer. However, it is quite difficult if you are joining as a seller because of its rigorous process that involves testing to ensure that it has a healthy and competitive atmosphere. 

Joining this platform as a buyer is easy, but joining it as a seller involves rigorous testing to ensure a healthy and competitive environment.

Let me tell you the two policies protect Udimi’s buyer from a dishonest seller.

Firstly, you don’t need to pay if the clicks are from worthless and BOT generated clicks as it is filtered out.

Second, you’ll be refunded with the same amount that you purchased if the seller fails to provide the targeted traffic and clicks that you gave. 

How to use Udimi?

These are the steps on how you purchase a solo ad using Udimi

  1. Create a Udimi account.
  2.  After you register, you will be able to browse around its marketplace. You’ll be able to use the filters in their interface and can sort out the vendors. You can sort it based on their pricing, targeted traffic, turn around time and so much more.
  3. If you want better click rates, it is advisable to use the filter of sales and rating by ascending order. If you do this, you’ll be able to have a good glimpse of the vendors as well as their performance and customer reviews. This will help you decide who to pick.
  4. After selecting your vendor, just click the slider change if you want to change the number of clicks you want to be delivered by the seller. You need to specify the date and the URL which the clicks should be delivered.
  5. To finalize your order click on add to cart button and confirm the payment. Once the payment has been placed, you will be able to access the vital statistic and ability to track the performance of your past ads seller.

What are the Pros and Cons of Udimi?

In this Udimi Review, we will also tackle its Pros and Cons. So let me start with its pros.


The core advantage of using Udimi is the way it connects buyers with registered and legitimate sellers. As I mentioned earlier in this post, before being a seller in Udimi, sellers have to pass strict tests to prove the quality of their mailing list. This makes Udimi higher-grade compared to other marketplaces out there.

The next advantage of using Udimi is the buyer protection they have. This is quite similar to what PayPal has when it comes to their buyer protection policies. Their protection ensures that buyers receive real clicks and filtered out unnecessary clicks that come from BOT. Also, feedback from clients may it be good or bad won’t be deleted in any way so will be informed of each seller’s background. This will also make the seller cautious as it will reflect on their profiles.

With these advantages on their sleeves, it just proves that Udimi is the best among the rest of the marketplace for solo ads.


It takes the banner of having a good list of the seller but the thing is, the sellers in Udimi only accepts ads that make money online. This means it is not open to other things. 

So there are chances that your request won’t be accepted and you need to find a seller that you will accept your orders.

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